Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We all know what Plato said to us ugly beastmen about life in the caves: it's all good fun as long as you never point out to your fellows about the sun. By doing so you risk death by their furry hands; perhaps even rightfully deserved death, for after all staring into the light can blind one and here you are promoting such insanity! For this reason we have to be grateful for the daring visionaries amongst us. They risked staring into that light, and then also coming back down into the caves to share. They are able to see past the puppetmaster's shadows to the potential & bright paintings we could put on our cave wall.

In that spirit I thought I'd share this, found by way of ManhattanKids. In it Martin Luther King, Jr, a true visionary, loosely predicts yesterday's inauguration of President Obama. Could you have foreseen this even a decade ago? Would you have shared such a conviction publically? Sadly, as per Plato's allegory, neither MLK nor RFK were tolerated for long by us primitive cave-folk.

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