Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cotto vs Judah: X-PLOSION @ MSG

Another weekend and another great fight in the column for 2007. This time I had the pleasure of watching Puerto Rico's rising star Miguel Angel Cotto against Brooklyn NYC's own 'Super' Zab Judah for a version of the World Welterweight Championship title from Madison Square Garden. This was on the eve of the (in)famous NYC National Puerto-Rican Day Parade. The Boricuas were definitely out in full force representing for their man. In the name of Caribbean and Latino-American solidarity I had to do likewise, especially safely above the fray as I was sitting in the company luxury box.
Flag waving aside it really boiled down to two men in the ring, both of whom I have rooted for on many occasions, and neither of whom disappointed that night. Zab Judah ended up taking a fantastic beatdown that saw him take a knee for mercy in the 9th and eventually led to a referee stoppage in the 11th. Still Zab fought with more heart and class than any of us had seen from him in some time. I'll not be the first or the last to say that this kind of event is what boxing needs: local attractions with passionate followings, fighting outside of the scuzzy casinos in their hometowns, and leaving it all in the ring. I love MMA as much as the next guy, but really few MMA bouts can hold a candle to the protracted round-after-round drama of boxing. Hopefully Cotto will continue defending that belt at MSG and other promoters will follow the lead of Bob Arum back into the arenas.